Bangarang EP Bonus| Varien – Skrillex Orchestral Suite

Skrillex’s new EP, Bangarang is now available on iTunes with a new bonus track. The bonus track come in Orchestral form from a producer named Varien.

I’m not into Orchestral music much myself, but after hearing this I’m speechless. The sky is the limit for electronic music. This needs to be in a movie, enjoy.

Intro [0:00 - 0:45]
With You, Friends – Skrillex [0:46-1:41]
Scatta – Skrillex [1:42-1:59]
Equinox (First of the Year) – Skrillex [2:04-3:19]
All I Ask Of You – Skrillex [3:20 - 4:36]
Interlude – Skrillex [4:36 - 5:14]
Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites – Skrillex [5:15 - 6:54]

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